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Why use a Wedding Planner?

A Wedding Planner is involved in every aspect of the logistical management of the event from concept to completion.

Through several consultations a Wedding Planner will help you realise your creative vision and assist in bringing it to life. For couples that would rather take a back seat and relax through the whole process, a Wedding Planner is there to ensure you get the best deal, value for money and flexibility from vendor s and suppliers.

Organisation and attention to detail are at the forefront of any great Wedding Planners mind, as well as putting the client’s needs and desires first.

Many couples across the globe have used Wedding Planners, not only to pull all the details together, but for unseen occurrences that may happen on the lead up to the wedding day or on the day itself –although a perfect seamless day is what you hope for, inevitably things can go wrong or not quite to plan! However a Wedding Planner should act as a buffer for the bride and groom and handle any unavoidable mishaps allowing the couple to fully enjoy their day.  

Karen Scarlett Dip.WPS

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